Return of investment through Digital Marketing

Are you an organization with a good inbuilt infrastructure that has self-standing sales and customers, yet planning to expand?

Here’s where you can expand beyond by employing a Good Digital Marketing Specialist. Yes, no doubt I am writing about Digital Marketing Transformation and its ROI. Hope you adopt your latest trend in marketing at the end of this blog.

How to transform from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing?

Transform doesn’t connote omitting the Traditional way and stepping into the Digital way. Traditional and Digital Marketing are both footsteps in your journey.

Then what is this Digital Transformation?

Just like an industry needs space and building to function, Digital Marketing also needs a Digital Space to stay in the Digital world. Domain, Hosting, URL, Websites, and all the other Digital Formats are called Digital Assets. And all these help us to communicate with our audience and vise versa.

How to raise ROI?

Inbound marketing is a name that you might have heard of. Here are a few words to make them clear.

Inbound marketing is an activity of letting your potential customers find you by posting your creativeness and content at the relevant platform at the right time, through blog posts, SEO, Social Media, etc, that makes you have more ROI. Typically Inbound marketing is a very famous way to get a good Return on Investment.

Inbound Marketing in real life:

ASOS online retail company, sold almost three lakh dresses and 85,000 men’s shirts every week, to its 18.4 million active customers from around the world through Instagram. The reason for their success is their different plan of action using #AsSeenOnMe knowing that 90.4% of millennials use social media, making it the best campaign currently with 1.84 million posts. It also nurtured free advertising to its advantage.

I want to introduce you to this abbreviation CTA. Most powerful click in Digital Marketing. One of the main causes for linking potential customers with the seller is Call To Action Button (CTA Button).          They can be seen in our daily life on our sites with a highlighted box written Download Now, Subscribe, Buy Now, Apply Now… and so on. You can name them according to your need, but their goal is to redirect the user to a landing page.  The landing page is fixed by us, so kindly align them towards goal fulfillment.

These are good Returns of Investment in Inbound Marketing and they can be measured.

Now How to reach Customers?

You can reach them through Organic ( Unpaid ) or Paid Ads.

For Organic Ads you need to pay the Specialist or Agency, sometimes you can even do it on your own. But Paid Ads are quite complex and more responsive. They need to be promoted by specialists to achieve maximum revenue and maximum visitors. These paid ads are run by Pay-Per-Click (PPC) policies, where you pay the advertiser each time the user clicks on CTA or URL. So the maximum you bid, the maximum you reach.

How to improve ROI after owning Digital Assets!


Let your Goals be Determinative! You define them.

Select your Audience.

My advice would be to go for a Competitor Analysis, and Market Analysis before choosing your audience.

The success rate not only depends on the Digital Marketing Strategy that you stick with but also on your promotional offers, product quality, and unique marketing policies.


All your combination of any Search Engines, any Social Media, and any E-Commerce Site, be at any budget in any industry, it can produce real results only in the long run. Changing your strategy is good. But changing the plan could make you feel vexed over Digital Marketing as you have not seen its fruit. So try making it a longer one.


The basic forums which become your platform are websites, social media, E-Mail, Softwares, and Applications. All available in Organic and Inorganic methods, nothing but paid and unpaid. There is one more E-Commerce Platform where goods and sold bought through commercial software.

Burger King, a fast-food restaurant promotes a great marketing idea. It created a campaign to run on smart devices that activated the device to read a list of burger ingredients posted on Wikipedia, the crowdsourced online encyclopedia. And multiple hackers changed the ingredient as well.

So choose your Digital Platform and Digital Marketer wisely.

Best Digital Marketing Agency/Specialist can perform great and awesome tricks in every campaign that you run. They are the ones who make you feel that ROI is just secondary but interaction with the audience and making them your followers is an initial necessity and to be carried on throughout your way.


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